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Lenght: 120 mm, height: 75mm, Thickness: 1,3 mm

finger ring size : 24x30mm


Following updates to PayPal's terms and conditions of sale, we are forced to not accept orders containing "Kiss of death", "Death kiss punch", "Kubotan impact tool", "Short slugger", "Bling-Bling", "Paper-Weight", "T-love" or "Multitool Knuckles" for all the orders paid with PayPal. However, credit card payments remain available and will allow us to fullfil your order !

Any order containing these products and paid with PayPal will be cancelled and refunded.

Sale on French territory

weapon classified in category 6 (D)
Can't be sold to minor (thanks to transmit us an identity document by email or mail after purchasing the item)
This items can't be carry on you in France without specific authorisation

International sale
the legal responsibility for import and carry of this item is the responsibility of the purchaser (inquire with the legislation of your country)

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