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Two Saints Tactical is a designer of jewelry and accessories for men.

You are a motorsport fan, a cigar lover or a music fan ? We are sure that you will enjoy our products !

The Memento Mori Skull Ring

Exclusively on our webstore, our ring : The Memento Mori Skull.
Available in Silver with one black diamond one sapphire or no gem.

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Two Saints Tactical - WatchTwo Saints Tactical - Watch
Two Saints Tactical - Watch
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"Plant Lover" Mini lighter classic"Plant Lover" Mini lighter classic
"Plant Lover" Mini lighter classic
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"Yes/No" Coin - Two Saints Tactical"Yes/No" Coin - Two Saints Tactical
"Yes/No" Coin
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Knuckles in bronze with skullsSkull brass knuckles
"Kiss of Death" Paper-weight
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"Demon/Angel" Coin - Two Saints Tactical"Demon/Angel" Coin - Two Saints Tactical
"Demon/Angel" Coin
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"Double Pleasure" Maxi lighter - Two Saints Tactical"Double Pleasure" Maxi lighter - Two Saints Tactical
"Double Pleasure" Maxi lighter
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Skull jewelry and accessories for men made in France - The story of Two Saints Tactical

Two Saints Tactical is a creator and designer of jewellery and accessories mainly for men.

Our brand is specialized in the creation of Skull jewelry and accessories for men in bronze & silver. Very inspired by the biker spirit and the world of the Skull, we produce collector's pieces with high-end finishes in bronze alloy. Our rock jewelry for men is made of silver

From Skull rings to lighters and brass knuckles, our collections are 100% made in France. We create the design and then cast the pieces in our workshops. Our expertise in casting allows us to work the metal in the smallest details.

Our brand universe is the "Memento mori". Our jewelry and lifestyle accessories feature the iconic skull and crossbones, reworked with finesse. Our collections are inspired by rock, gothic style and pirate aesthetics. The skulls, sometimes stylized, sometimes baroque, are also a call to enjoy the present, like a breath of "Memento vivere". 

Thanks to its know-how and expertise made in France, Two Saints Tactical regularly collaborates with prestigious brands. Among them are Harley Davidson, the grail of bikers, but also ST Dupont and Elie Bleu, references for cigar smokers

On the outdoor and EDC side, Two Saints Tactical regularly collaborates with the brand Bastinelli Knives. We are always listening to our international customers, and are constantly adding new items to our catalog. Please feel free to browse our international online store. 


Skull rings and skull jewelry for men

Stand out from the mainstream with a Skull ring or a skull jewel from Two Saints Tactical! Our biker rings embody the Harley Davidson spirit through original creations. Skulls, but also engines like the iconic V-Twin dress the hands with a unique style. 

Heirs to the counter-culture, our Skull rings are a rock, pirate or gothic accessory depending on the model. They are discreet or mysterious, or on the contrary voluminous to affirm the personality of the wearer. 

All our men's jewelry is made of silver, sometimes combined with bronze to create a play of colors. Men's bracelets, link or leather, as well as pendants complete the range.


Urban EDC, tactical tools and survivalism

Designed for men, our products are not only ornamental. Two Saints Tactical has always been interested in the EDC (every day carry) and survivalism.  

Our multi-function tactical tools are as much defense accessories as they are collectibles.

Our brass knuckles are made of a high quality bronze alloy. Their quality as defensive weapons does not detract from the quality of their designs. Skulls and crossbones reinforcing the impact points, or "Catacomb" design: every detail reminds us that the "Memento mori" message is still relevant in urban EDC


High end cigar accessories "Memento Mori"

Cigar smoking is a mark of elegance in itself... But using high end cigar accessories increases the pleasure of this sacred moment tenfold! Two Saints Tactical proposes to cigar lovers to go off the beaten track, with a collection inspired by the Skull universe

Using a cigar cutter, a cigar stand or a lighter decorated with skulls will not go unnoticed. Original, some would say provocative, the "Memento mori" spirit reigns on these high-end accessories. 

All the know-how of Two Saints Tactical is concentrated in the XL ashtrays: jewels of finishing and graphics. The play of colors between yellow and white bronze, skulls and skulls ultra-detailed: everything bears the mark of the made in France craft

The Two Saints Tactical bronze and stainless steel flasks will accompany every cigar tasting. These virile and refined collector's items embody the spirit of "Memento mori" / "Memento vivere" and remind us how important it is to savor the moment, sublimated by high-end products made in France. 


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Focus on our "Catacombs" tactical pen! - Two Saints Tactical

Focus on our "Catacombs" tactical pen!

Our "Catacombs" pen joins the great "Catacombs" family! A unique item that will perfectly complete your EDC! A real everyday tool, this pen attracts attention as soon as you use it. 
A unique bronze sculpture has landed on Two Saints Tactical ! - Two Saints Tactical

A unique bronze sculpture has landed on Two Saints Tactical !

The first Two Saints Tactical sculpture has arrived on our site. This unique piece made of bronze is more than 40cm high. It is produced in only one copy!

Focus on our collaboration with Bastinelli Knives - Two Saints Tactical

Focus on our collaboration with Bastinelli Knives

Each month we will highlight one of our privileged partnerships. This is to help you discover those who share the same passion as us and who work w...

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